Colorado Online Gambling 2022

Coloradans can now engage in online gambling via sports wagering!
Proposition DD, a piece of law intended to legalize sports betting, passed in the 2019 General Election, and the first CO online sportsbooks are already out.

CO Sports Betting

Colorado is relatively new to the world of sports betting, but so are most states. After the overturning of the federal law that previously banned sports betting, states all over the nation are creating state agreements to offer it.

Governor Jared Polis signed HB 1327 into law allowing for a proposition in November 2019’s elections for legal betting on sports. HB 1327 essentially legalized sports betting in Colorado, while Proposition DD would agree on the tax rate and finalize some details about the law.

The election has come and gone, and Proposition DD, the sports betting bill in Colorado, narrowly passed. We’re going to see the law take full effect by Spring of 2020.

Creating in-person sportsbook locations usually takes renovation and additional floor space, so it’s unlikely to see physical sportsbooks in CO until 2021. Still, by May 2020, online sportsbooks should be ready for release.

CO Casinos

At the moment, Colorado betting on in-person casino games is legal in three towns. They are Central City, Black Hawk, and Cripple Creek. The first two are within an hour of the Denver metro area, while Cripple Creek serves Coloradans living near Colorado Springs.

There are also two tribally-owned casinos in Colorado. They are the Sky Ute Casino and the Ute Mountain Casino. Both are fantastically-reviewed destinations on Ute reservation land in the south of the state.

Typically, tribal casinos have their own closed legislative boards to legalize certain types of gambling, so we may see changes to CO betting happen in tribal casinos before the rest of the state. However, the language of HB 1327 indicates that these tribal casinos will not have a “master license” for legal gambling on sports.

Tribal casinos will likely be able to offer CO betting on sports under their own agreements. If and when sportsbooks get physical locations for regulated gambling on sports, they’ll likely be at a casino location in one of these three towns.

As for online, regulated CO betting on casino games– it’s unlikely that these will be seen anytime soon. However, if online sports betting goes without incident, Colorado lawmakers may consider adding legal online casinos to the state’s repertoire.

More About Colorado Online Gambling

Colorado Horse Betting 2022

By Bet-Colorado

Colorado Casinos 2022

By Bet-Colorado

CO Horse Betting

Colorado has a long-standing relationship with horses. Take, for instance, the celebrated Denver Broncos or Blucifer, the famed demonic horse statue at Denver International Airport.

Colorado celebrates a long history with horse husbandry and racing as well. Interestingly, only one physical horse racing track remains, Arapahoe Park, outside of Aurora.

Arapahoe offers paint horses, Arabian horses, quarter horses, and of course thoroughbred racing. You’re able to bet on races all throughout the season, as well as numerous OTB locations throughout the Rocky Mountain State.

If you’re looking for national and worldwide racing bets, Colorado betting on horses is available online. You can use Advance Deposit Wagering with a few accredited providers, a list of which can be found here:

Among these online ADW, providers are TVG and TwinSpires, two of the most well-known and celebrated betting platforms in the country. Download their respective apps for a fun and engaging betting experience.

When you’re betting on horse racing online, you’ll need to be 18+ (as opposed to 21+) and physically within a state with legal online betting. There are a few state-specific apps that apply to states with more stringent betting laws, but Coloradans can just use any of the sites listed on the website (mentioned above).

Don’t forget to keep up with the promotions offered by your preferred CO betting platform, including welcome offers that can add bonus cash or risk-free bets to your account. These welcome offers need to be taken advantage of before or at the time of your first deposit.


After HB 1327 was signed into law, Proposition DD was voted on by Colorado voters to finalize sports betting in the state. The law takes effect in May of 2020, with online sportsbooks likely to be the first out of the gate.

If you’re in the Rocky Mountain State and you’re going to be 21 or older when the law takes effect, look forward to betting on your favorite sports from a whole slew of betting apps. Casinos across the state have the legal go-ahead to offer both online and in-person sportsbooks, while the latter may take some time to implement.

There are quite a few options available if you’re looking to bet on casino games in an exciting, live setting. Betting on those same games online might not be possible for a while in Colorado. Still, the world of regulated gambling moves quickly, and revenue reports from other states may convince Colorado lawmakers to add online casinos to the state’s offerings.

If you’re looking for Colorado betting on horses, there’s only one racetrack available: Arapahoe Park outside of Aurora. There are also quite a few OTB locations across the Centennial State.

In addition, there are plenty of recommended online services that offer bets on races all over the world. Bet straight from the browser or a smartphone app, and don’t forget to cash in on promotions and bonuses.

There is potential for gambling in Colorado– the state would benefit from expansions, online casino gambling, and more. Still, there’s a lot to look forward to when sports betting goes live in May of 2020. Only time will tell what kind of apps, promotional content, and sports are going to be offered in CO.