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With the current NHL season in play, now is the time to start enjoying Colorado Avalanche betting.

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You will find some amazing betting options at the leading sportsbooks and with great odds, you will be able to enjoy huge returns.

You will find some great picks and predictions offered for this team and you can even place futures bets on whether they will be the 2020 Stanley Cup Winners.

Each week, the odds will change and you will find some great opportunities to place wagers. The Avalanche team does have a shot at being the Stanley Cup winner.

Last year, the team won their first playoff series in more than 10 years, so this may be the time to place your wagers and capitalize on Colorado Avalanche betting.

Avalanche Odds

As you prepare to place your Colorado Avalanche wagers, you should be aware that odds will always be changing. They can even fluctuate during a game that is being played.

Luckily, with live betting options, you can always have access to the latest odds and make adjustments to your wagers as a game takes place.

The Avalanche have not been strong contenders for the Stanley Cup over the years, but during the last off-season, some major changes were made to the team.

This year, they come into the regular NHL season with a strong offense and defense and will surely be putting up a fight to win many games.

The team is projected to have one of the best records in the West, so be sure to keep an eye on odds as they advance through the season. You will also find some great odds for the Avalanche to win the division.

Avalanche 2020 Stanley Cup Run

If you are going to place some bets on the Stanley Cup for 2020, the Avalanche should be on your list. Right now, the team has a good chance of bringing the cup home to Denver.

Based on team performance and current predictions, they have the 5th best shot at winning the Stanley Cup in 2020, with current odds of 12:1.

While they are not the favorites to win, you can expect eh team to advance into the post-season, so you may want to consider Colorado Avalanche betting options to win the Stanley Cup and take advantage of some great odds.