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Smarkets is one of the leading betting exchanges in the world. It’s the place where players bet against other players, instead of betting against a sportsbook.

This opens up many opportunities for bettors, which is why betting exchanges are getting more and more popular every day.

Smarkets in Colorado

Although based in London, England, Smarkets has caught the eye of bettors from all corners of the planet, including the United States. As sports betting is getting legalized across the US, this exchange is looking to get in on the bandwagon.

Colorado sports betting is one that has already put regulation in motion. And that state has already made some initial deals with Smarkets.

What this means is that once sports betting becomes 100% legal and regulated in Colorado, you can expect the launch of the Smarkets CO website and mobile app.

Smarkets Downloadable App in CO

Most of the players who use this betting exchange to back and lay bets do it via its web-based platform. Although the website of Smarkets is pretty user-friendly and easy to navigate when you use it on your computer, it’s not the most convenient option when you do it on a smartphone.

This is why Smarkets has its own app for mobile devices, which takes the user experience to a whole new level. In order to use the Smarkets app, you need to download it. And to do that, you need to choose the right one. There are two versions of the app, one for iOS devices and one for Android smartphones and tablets.

You can expect both of these apps to be available to Colorado residents as soon as Smarkets CO operation is launched. But right now, you can claim a Betfred Sports CO promo code and test this product out.

Smarkets Sports Betting Markets

Although it does deal with sports betting, Smarkets is not a sportsbook per se. It’s actually a betting exchange. If you’re not familiar with how these things work, they’re basically platforms where bettors get to bet against each other.

With traditional sports betting, you’re betting against the sportsbook. You wager your stake, agreeing to their odds. But, with betting exchanges such as Smarkets CO, you can assume the role of the sportsbook by laying bets.

In betting exchange lingo, the term ‘lay’ refers to betting against – you’re betting your money that something won’t happen. Conversely, you can ‘back’ a bet, which means putting your money that an outcome is going to happen.

For example, betting that New England Patriots are going to win the Super Bowl would mean backing that bet. Betting that Patriots are not going to win it would mean laying that bet.

Due to the way betting exchanges work, you have the power to come up with your own betting markets, as well as to propose your own odds. Of course, because you’re betting against other players, such bets are only possible if there are players ready to bet against you.

The good news is that Smarkets is a very popular betting exchange, so the chance that your bets are gonna be matched by someone are pretty high. This goes especially for those bets dealing with popular competitions.

What we’re talking about are leagues like the National Football League, the National Basketball Association (NA), the National Hockey League (NHL), the Major League Baseball (MLB), and even the Major League Soccer (MLS).